SAMAR: Southern Africa Movable Asset Register

About Us

Regulation 5 of the National Road Traffic Act of 1996 (Act 93 of 1996) regulates that certain motor vehicles are not allowed to be registered on to the National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS). In 2011 the Inter Provincial Policy and Procedural (IPPP) committee, instructed the NRCS to adhere to legislation and stop providing eNaTIS model numbers for those vehicles prescribed in Regulation 5. The vehicles so prescribed are vehicles not designed for public road use, in other words, vehicles that cannot legally pass a roadworthy test. ( tracked vehicles, quad bikes, etc)

In the banks controls suites the use of “title” on a eNaTIS Registration Document is utilized as the confirmation of the banks interest in the asset. Therefore by denying access to eNaTIS for such assets the ability of applying “title” ( on mainly “yellow metal”) had effectively been withdrawn.

This brought about the development of SAMAR at the request of several of the banks and importers of “yellow metal” assets as a practical solution to the impasse created, however this was not formalized across all the entities and assets involved, essentially this was a stop gap measure. Today the risk officials at several of the institutions involved have asked for the use of SAMAR to be agreed across the industry.